Carola Otterstedt, Ph.D.

Carola Otterstedt studied behavioural science and has a doctorate as a humanist. With over 20 years of practical experiences in health und life care, she gathered since the early 90s outpatient TGI offers experences in animal-assisted individual and groupwork, inter alia with children and young people, people with Savant syndrome, visuallly impaired and blind, elderly and dementia sufferers, coma patients and the dying.


Soon she was committed to advancement of the human-animal relationship, inter alia with a focus on species-appropriate animal husbandry, communication between humans and animals and methodical use of animals within the animal-assisted intervention as well as the role of human in human-animal-relationship in zoos.


Carola  Otterstedt is Chairman oft the foundation Bündnis Mensch & Tier and involved as a member of the interdisciplinary working group on human-animal relationship, in the Expert Panel for animal assisted intervention and interdisciplinary working group 10 of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Protection Association. She has become known for her books and essays, a subject specialist in the field of human-animal relationship and animal-assisted intervention as well as  a speaker about the cultural developement of relation between human and non-human animal.


Topics for Lecture